Sunday, December 17, 2006

11th Grade Home Group

Can I just say I love going to home groups. Jennifer and I went to the 11th grade home group Christmas party tonight @ the Elder’s. What a great time.

It is great to see a group that is growing and our 11th Girls/Boys group is doing that very thing. Every time I go I meet new students.

Connection is so important in a students life and that is what we are trying to create. More and More we are losing the authentic relationships that keep us going. Our Home groups create this environment where teenagers can be themselves and grow in their faith. If you are not in a home group in our student ministry and live in FT Smith let me know. I will get you connected asap.

To the 11th grade boys/girls and the leaders, Mike, Mindy, Gena, Danny, Michelle, great job. Keep making a difference!

To all the 11th grade boys… Sorry Danny and I had to beat all you guys in ping pong. Maybe next time you will stand a chance. Ha ha…

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