Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mills in Transition:

For about a year now my wife, Jennifer, and I have really felt heavy on our hearts that God was up to something new & that He was going transition us in careers in the near future.  I absolutely love youth ministry and am so honored how God has so chosen to use me to lead in student ministry at Long Hollow and across the country. 

I never want to walk away from that and believe I will always be doing youth ministry training, speaking and leading for many years to come. 

With that said, we knew that God was going was doing something new in us and was going to release us from Long Hollow and into a new ministry career.  When Jordan Easley was called to be the Pastor of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN he had asked us if we would pray & consider joining him on his executive team on this new adventure in building this amazing church.  

Jordan has asked us to come along side them at Englewood Baptist to be the Executive Pastor of Ministries/Teaching Pastor at Englewood

In this new position I will oversee birth to senior adult ministries of Englewood along with being a Teaching Pastor in sharing some preaching opportunities there beginning August 1st. 

Through much prayer and conversation, Jennifer and I really feel a peace that this is a great fit for our family and God's call on our life, so we have accepted this new role at Englewood Baptist Church and will move and begin this journey at the end of this month.

We are excited to see what God does in this church and in the Jackson community along with using this church to take the Gospel around the world. 

This is definitely bittersweet for our family to leave the church and city that we love and that will always have a special place in our hearts! We have absolutely LOVED this five year chapter of our journey here in Hendersonville and at Long Hollow. We consider it an honor and privilege have had the opportunity to have been apart of what God has done & will continue to do here at LHstudents. This is the only "home" that our kids can remember as they have been connected in school, sports, gymnastics, & with their friends here in Hendersonville that we are so sad to leave. 

Jennifer and I both will still be very involved in speaking, writing and training in all areas of ministry and will stay very involved in the student ministry arena as well. 

Here are a few ways you could join us in praying through this transition. 
Please pray:

1. For our kids to transition well. 

2. That our home here in Hendersonville will sell.

3. That God will use us in a great way at Englewood Baptist Church.  

We are really going to miss all the people in Sumner county and Long Hollow Baptist Church.  It has been an amazing 6 years of seeing lives changed and living in this community.  

Monday, June 30, 2014

11 Keys to a Great Youth Camp

Here are a few Keys I believe to a great Youth Camp:

1.  Volunteers:
Your camp success will rise and fall on the people you recruit to go.  Get the best of the best.  All of ours have to complete a volunteer APP, be a member of Long Hollow for 3 months and most importantly love Jesus.

2.  Preparation:
If you do not prepare for a great camp you will not have one.  Great camps take a lot of attention starting 1 year out.

3.  Work hard to Sign up Students:
If all you do is make a few social media post and announce it from the stage you will not have 1/2 the crowd you should.  You have to work all the names in the system, challenge students to get their friends and work relationships for months in advance.

4.  Provide Scholarships:
This is big for pastors to hear.  If your church believes in the next generations they should give to the next generations.  Work hard so you don't have to tell one student NO!!!

5.  Communicate Clearly
Work hard to communicate clearly to parents and the church.  Using social media, emails, parent guides, etc...  Do what you can to be sure you communicate clearly.

6.  Don't stay in your room/cabin.  
As the leader you should be very active at camp.  It is hard to lead when you don't know what is going on.  Be everywhere.  You can sleep when you get back!!!  This is something my staff and I work really hard at.

7.  Evangelism - 
Take unchurch students and share the gospel.  I should not have to explain much of this one.  If the camp speaker does not do this you do it.  Your called to lead your ministry so LEAD them!

8.  Call Students to Action:
You should have challenges your going to challenge your students with at camp.  Maybe a call to ministry, call to serve, call to reach out to their community, etc...  Have a call to action plan and how your going to do it.

9.  Be Flexible:
If our leading your own camp you own the schedule no one else.  If God calls you to change things then change them.  Don't be so stuck to the schedule you miss what God wants.

10.  Ger them out of their comfort zone:
How does your camp get students out of their world so they can starve the flesh and feed the spirit.  Students should be pushed at camp.

11.  Have Fun:
What do you do at camp to have fun?  Fun should not take the place of the spiritual challenge though.  Remember that!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

#LHCamp Highlights:

1524 Attended
246 saved
over 350+ total decisions
67 Called to Ministry
71 Baptized w/ many more coming in the following weeks
Amazing group of volunteers
around 10 4 wheelers
around 5 gators
about 10 tractors and trailers
1 awesome mechanic shop :)
Amazing Nurses
and so much more.... 

what a year!!!!!  


"100" from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.


Camp Share 2014 - Brian Mills message from Long Hollow Baptist Church on Vimeo.


Camp Rules Video 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.


Brandon & Cody Mud Pit Race from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.


There is a video somewhere but i don't have it as of yet to put on here


Camp Rap 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 1 - High School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 2 - High School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 3 - High School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 4 - High School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.


Day 1 - Middle School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 2 - Middle School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 3 - Middle School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 4 - Middle School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Day 5 - Middle School Camp 2014 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.


Baptisms from June 25, 2014 (Camp Share 2014) from Long Hollow Baptist Church on Vimeo.


Camp Share Testimonies 2014 - Part 1 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Camp Share Testimonies 2014 - Part 2 from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

Monday, May 12, 2014

12 tips for Seniors as they graduate & 3 must reads the Freshman Year of College

Here are 12 topics to talk about with Seniors before they leave your home or ministry.  

A great verse to center them all around is Matthew 7:24-27

1.  Who you surround yourself with matters

2.  Leaders are not defined by their position but by their influence.  

3.  Who you date will eventually turn out to be your spouse - Be Wise! 

4.  Networking is a key component on the road to success.  

5.  Gods call is great than man's call.  

6.  Family must be keep at a high importance.  

7.  Never forget where you have come from.  

8.  Pray Continually.  

9.  Your daily time with God will keep you focused daily.  

10.  Travel often on mission trips.  

11.  Be wise finically.  

12.  Never let success be your Lord.  Keep Jesus as your Lord.  

1.  Joshua Code by O.S Hawkins.  52 Verses every believe should know.  This is a great 52 day deco for them to read.  

2.  Best Question Every by Andy Stanley.  

3.  Chasing Elephants by Brent Crowe

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Keys to MULTIPLYING your volunteers:

1.  Recognize your can't do it all:
It is the power of delegation.  To get great leaders you have to allow great leaders to lead.  Give them a roll and get out of their way.  Inspect what you expect but don't do it for them.  

2.  Create a Structure to Multiply:
If you double your volunteer base do you have a structure set up to take care of them?  We use volunteers to oversee volunteers so that we can continue to grow.  Get a structure that fits your ministry and multiply your volunteers.  

3.  Create a Recruiting Culture:
Your people should always be looking for others to come serve in your ministry.  The only reasons your current volunteers will do this for you is because they love serving in your ministry.  

4.  Tell the Story:
enough said.  Be sure they are current stories not stories from 10 years ago.  People want to be a part of a current move of God!  

5.  Have Fun!  
People love to be a part of fun!!!  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keys to DEVELOPING your Volunteers:

1.  Have Standards.  
Don't allow just anyone to serve.  Have expectations!

2.  Train Monthly
We have found the best time to meet is when we have our current program.  We get a master teacher to come teach and we pull all the volunteers out for a 30 min meeting.

3.  Rally Weekly:
Every week the volunteers need to have 3 reminders - Details for the week, Vision of the week and a story of life change that happened last week.

4.  Party Often:
Have fun!!!!!  I want our ministries to be a high fiving warm place and that happens when your volunteers are having fun together.  A few times a semester Party with no agenda with your people.

5.  Be Relational:
Don't avoid your volunteers.  If you get the right ones you should want to hang out with them.  Get to know them through lunches or stopping by their place of employment.  If you want them to be relational with the students teach them by how you treat them.  Shepherd them the way you expect them to shepherd others.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

5 keys to FINDING the RIGHT Volunteers -

1.  Know what you are looking for.  
Recruit with a purpose and a vision.

2.  Look in the Right Places. 
You don't just want anyone volunteer in your ministry you want the right ones.  To get the right people you have to look in the right places.

3.  Your Current Volunteers are the best recruiters you have.  
Use your people.  People say yes to a friend long before they say yes to someone else.  Leverage the influence you have with your current volunteers.

4.  Build Relationships:
Those you know are more likely to volunteer than those you do not.  Get to know everyone!

5.  Create an Exciting environment to serve in:
If the ministry you lead is know as the ministry that has fun and sees lives changed more will come in.  The reputation of your ministry is a key part to getting volunteers.  Make it a place people want to serve in not feel obligated to serve in.