Monday, December 4, 2006

Christmas Traditions

It is the holiday season. What a great time. It is so common during this time for family traditions to come out. What traditions do you have with your family? Don’t miss out on great traditions (no matter the age of your child).

Some families:
1. Want their kids to wake up in their bed every Christmas

2. Others wake up at grandparents on Christmas.

3. Some decorate a ornament each year to put on the Christmas tree

4. Santa (if you believe or if you don’t) is a big part of Christmas. We take our kids every year to sit in Santa’s lap (Until they get to old) and we will keep pict’s of each year with Santa.

5. Maybe you read the Christmas story on Christmas or Christmas eve with your children

6. Calendar or Advent wreath is a great tradition

7. Decorate with lights, tree and more (just come see my house)

8. Driving around looking @ Christmas lights

9. Christmas PJ’s – I don’t want to see any pict’s of these though… ha ha…

10. Decorating cookies for Santa

11. My family in Hot Springs has a traditional meal we eat (Bacon Wrap Filet is part of it… anyone hungry now?)

Some traditions are simple and fun others are serious. I think the main thing is to have traditions. Family is important and spending the holiday session with your family is important. Build some memories this Christmas, be creative.

Let your Teenager/Parent know that you value family this Christmas.

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Rachel Most said...

Hey Brian!! Whats up?? I miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell everybody hey for me and that I miss them. Love you!
Rachel May <3