Thursday, December 28, 2006

Student Ministry Broken Down

Here is an interesting way to take the word MINISTRY and break it down.

M Meet & greet with eye contact. Use &
remember names always.

I Interact. Get them talking. Facilitate
group discussion.

N New people. Make them feel
comfortable. Guest make their decisions in the 1st few min. Make every second count.

I Invite them to Wednesday Nights (5:30-7:30), programs (camp/d-now/etc.),
Home Groups on Sunday Nights.

S Share the message of Christ. Lets keep Chris the center and continually telling students about the message of Christ!

T Touch. Communicate with handshake,
high-5, etc.

R Respond to noise. Keep group quiet with
grace & truth. - stay on track and stay purposeful!

Y “Yes-Message.” Let them know we’re
excited they’re here!
“We can do no
great thing,
only small things
with great love.”
--Mother Theresa

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