Saturday, December 2, 2006

Thanksgiving Giveaway

This past Tuesday at my church ( we did an event called thanksgiving blessing baskets.

We gave away 700+ $40 Baskets worth of food and a turkey to all that showed up.

We raised $16,000 to pay for 8 tons worth of food

3000+ people will have a t-day b/c of the faithfulness of God's people.

1500+ were on our campus to hear gospel presentation

475 of those people also left with clothes and coats for the winter

76 decisions were made and 18 of them baptized.

314 volunteers showed up to serve.

GO GOD!!! It is exciting to be apart of something that is bigger than us. It is truly God size.

I pray I am always stepping into God size opportunities.

just thought I would share. Get out their and do something bigger than you something that only you could accomplish if God shows up!!!

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