Saturday, January 27, 2007

Alex Himaya, Brent Crow and Leadership Rock

Last night i was @ FBC Bentionville in NWA to listen to Alex Himaya speak at Leadership Rocks (check it out here)
Brent Crow (check him out here) heads up Leadership Rock for SLU (Student Leadership University) What a GREAT orginization. I believe SLU and what Jay Strack is leading through this orginization is the best their is.

I took Mike with me from our student ministry. Mike and I had dinner with Alex afterwards. What a great time it is to spend time with a catalyst Pastor like Alex.
His church has seen God's favor in a great way. Starting 4 years ago with 120 a few weeks ago they had 1700...

It was great to spend time with Alex and Brent.

Check out SLU

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