Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Catlin Fitch 18th B-day & South Side Boys JV

Catlin Happy 18th. Jennifer and I enjoyed coming to North Side HS today for your surprise b-day.

To the boys on the JV @ South Side HS. Great 1st Half tonight. I was unable to stay for the whole game, but i did make it for the whole 1st half. GREAT JOB!!!

It is great to get out of the office and on the campus and into the students world!!!

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Rachel Most said...

Tell Caitlin Happy B-day for me! Guess what?!? I can go to DNOW!!! I'm so excited. (= can you tell me who is going to be in amy g.'s group and who is in Vicki's group (if she has one) so i can decide where I want to go? Thanks! can't wait