Monday, January 22, 2007

Human Sling Shot - Risk Taking

Check out this video. You talk about risk-taking, this is it!!!

Maybe we should take more risks in life. No, not foolish decisions! Sometimes we need to break a rule. blog has a great article on breaking rules. Here it is //

Posted: 22 Jan 2007 04:38 AM CST
Jesus broke some rules. When the Pharisees misinterpreted the meaning of the Sabbath, Jesus broke their rules and healed anyway. When people told him to stay away from lepers, Jesus broke the rules and touched them. When warned to avoid prostitutes and sinners, Jesus accepted and loved them.
Martin Luther broke the rules when he questioned the church leaders with his 95 Thesis. Again he broke the rules when he translated the Bible into the German language and fought to get the Scriptures in the hands of the lay people.
George Whitfield and John Wesley broke the rules when they took the gospel message outside the church buildings into the open air (something considered heresy at the time).
Maybe it’s time to break some rules.
What kind of “rule breaking” ideas have you tried or seen work?

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