Thursday, February 1, 2007

Eureka Springs Cheerleaders

EUREKA SPRINGS cheerleading squad is the 2nd squad in just month of each other being shut down. We all heard a/b the squad in TX now AR.

“After months of bickering, back-stabbing and allegations of bullying, the school board voted to do away with the team altogether.”

Mean Girls! Is that become more and more true in today’s society, or are we just now becoming conscience of it?

I have a 2 year old little girl and as I look at where the future is going, yes it frightens me a little to think she will be in school with these girls or be one of them.

What do we do? I believe it is time for parents to rise up and be parents and stop just being friends. We are called to LEAD our children. God has given us that authority. It is not always the other parties fault; believe it or not it might just be your Childs fault.

What do we do? I believe we “Train a child up in the way he/she should go,” in my situation it starts NOW!!!

Pray for your child, learn about your child, ask others, get plugged into a church, pray, did I mention pray and pray hard. Maybe even take some time and fast, believe in your child, love your child… etc…

I don’t know it all nor do I claim I do. I sure don’t have all the answers. There are people out there we can learn from though. Don’t be afraid to learn.

Good luck with your child.

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