Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gilbert Arenas and the Washington Wizards

Gilbert has proclaimed that he will score 50 pts per game. Now I'm not sure how you would fill as his team mate but this has to cause to "team" problems.

As we all know he has been unsuccessful. Coach Eddie Jordan was asked about this and he said, Tallent does not eaqual good leadership, we need great leaders.

What a great line. We can be the most tallent people on the planet but are we great leaders? What about in you're walk with Christ or in your job, are you being a great leader? What about as a lay leader/teenager in the church, are you a good leader or someone just full of tallent?
Lets use are tallent to become great leaders!
For those that wonder was gilbert mad @ Eddie for his comment, well here is what Arenas said,
Eddie has been trying to groom me into a leader since I got here," Arenas told the newspaper. "As a player it's hard for me because when you are a leader you have to have a perfect air about you. My leadership is different. I'm not going to be the guy who speaks up all the time. My role is to keep the locker room loose. At the same time I put the pressure on myself and
try to take it off of the other guys. But in our locker room there is no question who the leader is. It's Antawn. So no, I didn't take offense to what Eddie said."

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