Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lasik Eye Surgery - NOW I CAN SEE!!!

I can not express in words just how God blesses, but let me try to tell you of a blessing I was able to experience today...

Today @ 9:15am I was able to under go Lasik eye surgery. Yes I went under the laser. What an experience. They gave me some eye drops, suck my eye out a little, scraped my eye and then let the laser do the work. What an experience!

No pain at all. Yes, a little discomfort... but no pain. I am now in recovery now but as you can tell I’m typing this blog so the recovery is pretty fast. It has only been a few hours and I can see.

I feel as if I met Jesus and he said, “open your eyes for you can now see.” I praise the Lord that He has given me the opportunity and favor to receive this surgery.

I can not disclose the details as to how I was able to receive this blessing, but let me tell you when your faithful to our God in your life and through tithing HE WILL BLESS YOU!

More and more I am amazed that when you do life God’s way you see great things happen. Sure they might not always be exactly what you want or the way you would expect it, but God’s blessing are GREAT! Look at Coach Williams @ Southside High School he does it God’s way, look at Gus Mahlzan he does it God’s way. So many people do it God’s way and see God’s favor.

Sure many could say, "Brian, I do it God’s way and I don’t get those blessings". Maybe because it is more about you than God? You don’t do it God’s way just to get blessings, you do it God’s way because that is what you believe you should do and it is from your heart.

Lasik Eye Surgery is amazing, life changing!!!! It is a dream, a man like me, even though I feel very blessed, I could never afford this. I thank God that he opened this door for me!

Be grateful for what you have and be thankful for what God blesses you with. Never take a blessing for granted. Never take doing it God’s way for granted.

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Anonymous said...

gross that must have hurt but you said it did not so either you are very strong or you lied in church i think it is the first one =)