Saturday, March 3, 2007

Brian's thought of the day - OPPORTUNITY!

As I was speaking with a friend the other day I began to think, what makes you successful in student ministry or in life?

I begin to look at what I try to do. Am I saying I’m the most successful? NO! Nor am I saying I know it all. That is the whole point.

We do not have to know it all. I think when leaders are intentional about working and joining with other leaders to grow and learn we all win! We all love to win right?

Take a hold of the opportunities that come your way. Don’t let your pride stop you from taking opportunities. Sometimes we think way too highly of ourselves. I love to call people, buy them lunch and learn form them. You would be surprised who will talk to you if you if you would just call them. You will also be surprised who you can learn from. Sometimes we think we are better than someone else when that person could teach us a lot! Don’t miss any opportunity!

Get out their work hard at being the best you can be in your field of work! Whether it is volunteering in your student ministry, becoming a better CEO or just learning to grow as a parent. We should all be learners. Leaders are Learners!!!!

Work hard and take hold of the opportunities that come your way and trust God! The key element that you should remember is always doing it God’s way!


Steven Grim said...

preach it brother!! i can't wait to be able to learn from you and everybody at Grand. . .leaders are learners indeed!


Anonymous said...

yes i agree with Steven. although i am a christian i am still learning very much from you and Jeff so you tell Jeff and your self to keep doing what yall are and im sure that more people will become christians