Monday, March 12, 2007

Leading a Parent/Student Meeting for an Event

This can sometimes be a challenge. When you lead an effective parent meeting you want the parents to come away with complete knowledge and complete confidence in you taking their students to an event.

We just had our parent meeting to take 40 of us to London. It was a very effective meeting.

Before every meeting we do a lot of leg work. We put together a book for the parents/students. This covers all the details we were going to talk about in the meeting. It is like a detail agenda.

NOTE: You want to be sure and not just talk about things but give the details out in written form so that the parents can take this home. This will save you time on question throughout the rest of the week.

In meetings of any kind that you are leading you do not want to come across as if you do not know what you are talk about. Anyone will lose confidence in you. Be prepared! Work hard at getting all the details and thinking through all the questions before you get asked. This allows you the chance to be the leader!

When the parents walked in they: paid my assistant the reaming balance (which we also had for them if they did not know what it was), received a packet with all the information in it and waited for all to show up.

We then started the meeting ON TIME! Was everyone their? NO! But those that were we needed to honor their time. We were prepared and had planed ahead so we were able to get the meeting running at the time we wanted too.

We ended our meeting yesterday with a great prayer time. We had the students and the parents break up into groups that they would be in while in London and then we prayed.

What have I learned?
1. Be on Time
2. Be Prepared - do a lot of work before hand
3. Answer all question throughly
4. Be Orgninized
5. Take Lead -
6. Don't waist time
7. Have Confidence

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Steven Grim said...

brian your resources and insights are awesome, they really help me and help prepare me for the future! keep it up