Monday, March 19, 2007

LONDON TRIP 2007 - Monday

Today my group went to the High School. What a great experience for the teenagers. The school’s here are much different and the students act much different. The language, smoking and drinking is more accepted in the schools here than in America.

We set in 3 different class and host an event at lunch. During lunch time we had over 80 students attend and all but about 4 of them have a relationship with Jesus.

During the classes our students were asked many questions. Here are some.
1. Why did Jesus come to this earth?
2. How important is it to go to church?
3. If Jesus was Jewish why is Jesus a Christian?
4. Why do you believe in God?
5. What is it like to be a Christian in AR?
6. What is different about going to church and being a Christian?
7. Do you believe in judgement?
8. Why does God not stop poverty?

Tim helped lead all the discussion. Our students would break into groups and lead the students in discussion. Very productive and effective. Pray for favour in the schools.

We were unable to take pict’s in the schools so I have none really. I did do a video of what our students who went to the school had to say about it.

The other group toured today. I will try to get some pict’s and post them latter on today. It will be posting those latter around 10pm our time.




Rachel Reeves said...

Sounds like you are all exhausted, but are having a GREAT time! Tell my family we love and miss them.

Anonymous said...


We love and miss you. Don't forget to listen while you're there!! Have fun.

Dad and Mom

Anonymous said...

Brian, You are doing an awesome job of letting us know how are kids are doing. Not only for the parents, but for us grandparents as well. You all are in my prayers as you do God's work.
Ginger Stokes
Tell Brandon Hi

Anonymous said...

Brian, thank you for all the pictures and videos. We are all enjoying this so much. I'm hearing very wonderful things from Rachel. Tell Terry thanks for looking out for our girls.
Praying all day long,
Elizabeth Hill