Friday, March 9, 2007

NorthSide Win's State - Basketball 2007

Congrat’s to Northside Boys and Girls Basketball for winning state in Basketball.

Winning state is more than just having great athletes, although Northside has some great athletes. It is also about the great coaching staff’s.

I want to congratulate the Administration, Coaching staff and the players of NorthSide High School in this huge accomplishment.

Keep winning!!!


Valerie said...

Great job Grizzlies! Way to all NHS & SHS students, I have truly been amazed to see such a fine group of students achieve in all areas of their lives. Keep up the good work.
I would be remiss if I did not make an observation about how richly God has blessed the Ft. Smith High School sports programs this year.SHS,State Volleyball & Football Champions and NHS Boys & Girls State Basketball Champions. I have to say God has brought us a student pastor who has a vision, a heart & passion for our students, a love for sports and a willing spirit to do all it takes. I think God's blessings in relationship to our High School sports reflects Brian, our Students & Leaders of Element Student Ministry and their obedience this year to touch lives in our school's sports programs. Thank you Brian.

Leigh Ann said...

Yea, Boys! I hear you were prophetic, Brian? Regardless, I'm so proud of Coach Mason and Coach Smith. I was so glad I was there to see Mason win, there is no one that deserved it more! Thanks for cheering us on!