Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wednesday Night Re Cap - NATHAN WAGNON

Last Night I had in one of my very good friends Nathan Wagnon. Nathan is a graduate of DTS and has one of the greatest passions for Christian Discipleship you have ever seen.

He is very gifted in taking the depts of God’s word and making it come alive and understandable.

Nathan did a Q and A with our teenagers tonight. We actually did TEXT IN YOUR QUESTIONS. I had the students send me text’s as Nathan was speaking of questions. Then Nathan answer the questions right their. Here are some questions asked tonight:

1) If someone has never heard of Jesus are they still held accountable?
2) After the people deny God can they get forgiven?
3) Can a Christian ask for forgiveness in place of another person who has no personal relationship with Jesus and still be forgiven?
4) In the old testament people offered burnt offerings to ask God for forgiveness. Why in today's world do we not do this which was commanded by God?
5) Are all sins equally bad or are some sins worse to commit than others?
6) If a baby child dies before he is able to understand Jesus, is the child still held accountable for his sins and thus sent to hell or is he saved because he didn't have a chance to accept Jesus into his life?
7) When we die do we go to heaven at the instant of death or do the dead just wait for the arrival of Jesus?
8) Is the sin of denying Jesus before men a sin that can be forgiven?
9) It says in the Bible you shall not murder, what if you go into war and kill someone?
10) Can you go to heaven if you commit suicide?
11) Which commandment is worse to break?
12) Is it a sin to murder in war?
13) Is it a sin to cheat on your girl?
14) Can you go to heaven if youcommit blasphemy?
15) There is a man in Houston who claims he is the reincarnation of Christ. His name is Jose de Jesus and he has his followers tattoo 666 on their bodies. Could he be the antichrist?
16) Can you believe in witchcraft and still believe in God?
17) How do people have an idea of what God looks like?
18) Have you heard about the so called jesus of surburbia. If so, what is your take on it?
19) Can you give some hard facts about Jesus that we might use to back up an argument with a scientific friend?
20) Is acting like a christian and not saying that you are a christian when talking about the topic considered blasphemy?


All were answer right on with biblical references. You can learn more about Nathan @

Check his website out and Youth Pastors and Pastors you should have Nathan in sometime. You would be blessed to see how he works with your teenagers/adults.

He serves at Watermark Community Church and lives in Dallas, Texas.

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