Saturday, March 17, 2007

LONDON TRIP 2007 - WOW - What a 1st Travel Day

Just real brief.

Here is how yesterday went. Arrived at XNA airport @ 2pm. We found out that our flight had been canceled and there were no other flights until Monday afternoon that we could get on.

We then went to work to figure something out. We ended up finding a flight in Houston TX for us to get to London that leves today (saturday @ 4pm). We called FBC Springdale and they were willing to get in their new charter bus and drive us to Houston. That is called ministry - one church helping out the other.

We are so thankful for them.

Now we are in a Hotel on the North Side of Dallas where we stoped about midnight last night. We are about to leave and head down to Houston. We should be at the airport by 12 noon.

The students have been awesome no complaints or anything. If you're a parent you should be proud! We have some great students in our ministry and on this trip.

Pray for us as we travel today. Pict's and Video's to come soon.

I will post again in London. We should arrive @ 5am sunday.

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