Monday, April 16, 2007

Relational Driven Ministries

Reasons For A Relational Ministry

A. The biggest step in going from a _group_ to a _ministry_ is becoming relational.
B. Over __90%____ of all people who have come to Christ did so through a relationship, not a program.
C. Jesus spent more time developing __relationships______than anything else during His ministry.
D. Jesus had a ____ministry______not a group.
E. Jesus loves us _____one at a time_____ not as a group.

Relationships Within Our Ministry

A. Our Relationship with __Christ_____
1. We can only go as far in _public_ as we have gone in _private_with God.
2. The depth of our _vertical_____relationship always dictates the breadth and depth of our __horizontal_____relationships.

B. Relationships with Our ___Students_______
1. Never forget we are in “__Student______” ministry
2. A-G relationships will determine how effective and how many of these
you have.
3. Teenagers today have been used, abused, lied to, cast out, and left. We
must earn the right to be heard.
4. Teenagers don’t ___care_____how much you know until they know how
much you ____care______.

C. Relationships with Our ____Parents_______
1. In today’s pressure filled, chaotic world parents need us to be co-laborers.
2. We must be a source of help to the home.

D. Relationship with Our ___Pastor_______.
1. We can not expect those around us to respect our authority if we do not respect the authority God has placed over us.
2. Loyalty to God and His word always produces loyalty to our earthly authorities.

E. Relationships with our ___Family________
1. If God’s Word does not rule in our hearts and homes. . need I say more?
2. Many students already have one dysfunctional model, they do not need another!

F. Relationships with our ____Fellow Leaders__________
1. Loyalty
2. Modeling/Mentoring
3. Encouraging
4. Consistent
5. Caring
6. Compassionate
7. Understanding
8. Forgiving
9. Respectful

G. Relationship with the _____Body_________
1. The student ministry is part of the total body.
2. The student ministry is not a separate entity.

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