Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Busy Day's @ Grand

We have some busy day’s at grand family church coming up. I am lounching a all new college ministry this Sunday @ our 9:15 small group time and then having lunch with all the college students. If you know of anyone in college that is in town they need to be here this Sunday….

I am also starting a JR High Ministry on Sunday AM this Sunday @ 9:15 in the Gym. We will do all small groups out of this time. We have a great group of adult Volunteers who will be leading the groups. A new feature I am very excited about is we are using High School Students to help lead the JR High Small Groups. Every group will have an adult in it with 2 HS Students. This gives them an area of service and leadership.

We want students to graduate from our student ministry with a relationship with Christ, growing spiritually and knowing how they can be used in the church. These HS students who are serving in Children’s, Pre- School and Jr High ministry are so valuable and will be use greatly. I can’t wait to see what God does in our ministry.

Our Pastor is also leading us to 2 worship services. We will no launch this until Aug. We will do an 8:30 service where we will have our current worship service and then we are adding another service we are calling ignite @ 11am. To hear more about it podcast my pastor message of the servant summit @ www.grandfamily.net

We are in busy days but we are not just being busy to be busy. We are working hard at making a difference in Ft Smith. This is a great and exciting church to be apart of.

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