Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday Night Recap

Last night we cover a pretty heavy topic. Pain!!! We all are faced with Pain. It really comes down to secrets. What secrets are we keeping? IT was really a pretty good night….

At the end of last night I also had to make a tuff decision as a leader. We have had a couple of students that I have given many chances to hang around. Yet last night they committed their last strike. We have an officer, Ron, who loves students and helps a lot at our church that handles a lot of these issues for me.

I gave him the word last night to ban these students from stepping foot on our campus.

Why would I do this? Does not everyone need to be at church? Yes they do but the church has to have some expectations and if you can not keep them there should be consequences.

IT was a great night last night though. We have a great student ministry and a growing student ministry. It is exciting to see what God is doing….

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Brian; Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!