Wednesday, June 13, 2007

From the Intern. . .Wednesday night re-cap

We had another great night in Element student ministries tonight. The topic was darkness and how we need Christ to be able to see in the darkness.

It came as a shock to me while studying for this lesson that 50% of born again Christians believe that Satan is not a real being but just a symbol of evil. Tonight I posed three points to all the students about Satan.

1. We are in a REAL war with Satan.
2. We have a personal enemy in Satan that would be delighted if he destroyed our lives.
3. We MUST resist him at all costs.

James 4:7 says tell us to submit ourselves to God, resist the devil and then gives us the promise that he will flee from you.

I challenged the students that if they have never submitted themselves to God and given their lives to Jesus Christ that there is no way they can resist Satan.

I believe that God did an incredible work in many student's lives tonight. I think he dealt with alot of issues and pointed alot of students toward Himself. Praise God.

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