Friday, June 15, 2007

The Importance of Key Adult Volunteers in Student Ministry – Helpful hints to keep your group growing!!!

I am more and more convinced that successful student ministry is a result of Key Volunteers. For Element Student Ministries to continue to grow and be successful we have to continue to develop and lead the volunteers we have along with adding new volunteers all along the way.

We have a great opportunity to reach Ft Smith for Christ but we cannot do this without Adult Volunteers.

I believe we are building a great team @ the Grand Family Church and believe this next year with the team we have we can build it to over 200 students on average in our student ministry. My prayer is on many occasions this next year we run 300+ students.

How do Volunteers become successful? Let me give you some tips

1. Contact the Student on your Roll 2x’s a month. (e-mail, facebook, myspace, letter, phone call, personal contact)
2. IF a student misses send them a message (e-mail, facebook, myspace, letter, phone call, personal contact) and let them know you missed them in your small group time or at the event they missed.
3. Always show up for your group early and stay late. Don’t look too busy!!! The key to success is being available.
4. Get to know your groups parents.
5. Do event outside of your normal group time to invest in your group. (go watch their games, do a swim party, cook hot dogs, watch a movie, etc…
6. Work Hard – This is from the Pastor of Students all the way down. We must work hard to reach teenagers.

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