Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What can Small Group leaders do with their small group?

What activities can I do with them? If they know you care about them, they’ll do anything with you.

Here ae some practicale ideas //

1. XBOX 360 // PS 3 // N Wii
2. Rent movies
3. Have them spend the night at your house – just hang with them.
4. Bowling, Putt-Putt, laser tag, Golf, driving range
5. Road trip – destination unknown.
6. 2-3 groups play b-ball, 3-on-3 tournaments, touch football, softball after church
7. Bible study at your home (limit the times).
8. Attend sports events, band competitions, piano recitals, etc. (or at least find out how they turned out.
9. Have two or three students one night per week over to your house for dinner.
10. Take some students out to eat once a week.
11. Take them with you as you run errands.
12. Stop by the place where they work (if it is a restaurant, ask for their table)
13. Put them to work (i.e. yard work) in order to help them earn extra money
14. Hiking, camping, rappelling, fishing, etc.
15. Go to the Mall
16. Help them with home work
17. Make a big occasion out of their birthday with a dinner/party at your house. (Pick one Sunday a month to have all birthdays over.)
18. Encouragement letters (Write 3 students per week)
19. Picnic
20. Card tournaments, board games, etc. at your house
21. Sleepovers
22. Cookouts
23. Shopping trip (Road Trip)
24. Pool party
25. Have them baby sit your children and then visit with them afterwards.
26. Bowling
27. Fishing
28. Give a kid a ride somewhere.
29. Do a make-up thing with the girls.
30. Let them have their birthday party at your house.

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