Monday, July 16, 2007

Are we doing well with Visitors in our Church?

People feeling welcome in church is such a big deal for seeing souls saved. As I spend time with the younger generation I notice this more and more. It involves everything to how we dress to how we act at church.

I read today in Relevant Magazine and article by Jim Gamble on How to Bring visitors to your group and keep them. Here are the main points. See how you are doing!!!

1. Relax the Formalities –
Brian Thoughts // Do you have a dress code? If so you might be making a big mistake to reach the next generation. Do you have to act a certain way or say certain words? Remember Jesus never turned his back on a sinner.

2. Have a good website

3. Be active in the community

4. Provide a visitor contact sheet

5. Follow up, but DON NOT be CREEPY
Brian Thoughts // use texting, facebook, myspace, e-mail etc…)

6. Establish a mentoring program

7. Allow opportunities for social networking

8. Provide opportunities to take leadership

9. Create a culture of Hospitality.

I thought all 9 of these are very good and we can learn a lot from. Lets be a church the devlopes who we have and reaches the lost for Christ.

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Robert Piercy said...

Great post. Thanks for directing our attention to this timely article.