Sunday, July 1, 2007

Parent Meeting is over and Camp is almost here

We just finished the parent camper meeting for camp this next week. God is so good. Due to how generous my church is in giving to God so students can go to camp we are able to take as many students as wish to go. We have a no child left behind rule this year, thanks to the people of God that are in Grand Ave Baptist Church.

As all the numbers come in it looks as if we could reach 130-140 students. Last year we only took about 90 so that is a good increase Praise the Lord for what he is doing.

If someone is not signed up we have to have them signed up by Monday that is tomorrow. So be sure they call the office and get signed up!!!!

I forgot to announce that I will try to keep some picts and video of the week on my blog. Please pass the word to parent to look at my blog daily to see what God is doing @ camp.

Pray for us this week. Pray we see students saved, baptized and growing in their faith.. I pray we see students worship like they have never worshiped before.

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