Thursday, August 16, 2007

Taylor Hudson takes a stand

Let me share with you a story of a young man who took a great stand. Taylor Hudson is going into the 10th grade @ SouthSide High School. Taylor is a great athlete and has a great future ahead of him in football and basketball.

This past Wednesday night Southside football (reigning champs) had practice during our Wednesday night service. Taylor spoke with is coach and told his coach he wanted to attend his church service. His coach gave him permission to do so.

Here is a young sophomore who is fighting for a starting position on a great football team skipping a key practice to take a great stand for our Lord. Sure he was no able to bring a friend with him due to them all being at football but he took a great stand in showing his peers that God is higher priority to him than anything.

What a great stand for the Lord.

I’m also so thankful for a coaching staff that understands and allows Taylor to do this. It speaks volumes of Coach Williams and his staff. I’m honored to be a part of that team in such a small way. What a great coaching staff

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Steven Grim said...

that is awesome, good job taylor!!! way to take a stand