Saturday, October 6, 2007

1st Impression Importance

As I have watched the past week in our student ministry I have been reminded how important 1st impressions are. Students will decide if they want to stay in your youth ministry in 15 seconds. They start deciding when they get out of their car.

So what are we doing to make that better? Do you have greeters @ the door? Do you have an effective check in system? When students are greeted as they come in do you have someone to walk them around and introduce them to other students? Is it a warm atmosphere they can hang out in? Do you have music or video in the lobby/hang out area? Are your small groups leaders their to connect?

These are just some questions I am asking myself about our student ministries 1st impression. We are working over the next 2 weeks at creating this team and training this team so we can make a great impact in 15 seconds.

You can be the best preacher and have the best worship and have no 1st impression and I think you will struggle with your growth.

A friendly warm atmosphere will overflow into the students why they are at school and events.

This is just one area we are working on right now.

Here is a brif video we did back @ that gives a little look at 1st impressions

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