Saturday, October 27, 2007

Katy vs Cinco Ranch

I just got back from the Katy HS vs Cinco Ranch HS football game. As many of you know Katy football is a league all over America and I now understand why.

Cinco Ranch is a great football program and work very hard on the field but just could not keep up with the powerhouse Katy.

Both have great coaches and great leadership. I look fwd to continue to watch both programs continue to work hard to make it to the top!!!

Going to a Katy game is like going to a small college football game. We could learn a lot about an environment by going to the Katy Game.

Here are some quick thoughts I gained:

Everyone had a smile and said hello
We had a very warm welcome – My daughter
had 2 pom poms in her hand within 5 seconds of walking in the gate.
Everyone was so excited
Everyone was welcome – as long as you had on
There are no seats – Everyone was there
Security is Great!!!
Both Schools Branded themselves well all over the place
All was done with

Jeremiah, Bret, McKenna and I had a great time at the game. WE had the chance to set with some of our Cinco Students and enjoyed it!!

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