Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Watch and Learn

Watching and Learning is so important when you are working on building a long term successful student ministry.

It is good to set back and watch what happens and determine what you need to do.

Here are some things to look for. These are in no certain order just gives you a process to start with. There are many others, if you have a good one please send to me to so I can continue to learn!!!

1. Do you have Greeters welcoming people?
2. Is your environment warm and inviting?
3. Is your program a program you would bring one of your friends too
or is it embarrassing?
4. Do you have excellence in all you do? (ie: worship, 5. speaking, games, slides on screen, etc…)
5. What would an un-churched person think of your ministry? Would they understand the language? Would they fit in?
6. How is your adult base?
7. Is your ministry set up to be a ministry larger than what it is or are you operating like a ministry your size or smaller? If the dream is to do the unthinkable and
watch God work set up your ministry this way weekly! (ie: if you are a ministry of 25 act like one of 50, if a ministry of 50 act like one of 150 etc...)
8. Are you and your staff accessible or are you too busy when all
your students are around?

There are many other thoughts that you could add to this. We are in the middle of doing a lot of this right now. Michael Head our new Jr High pastor did a lot of this tonight learning our J High Ministry.

Be honest and work hard and watch God do big things!!!

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