Thursday, November 8, 2007

Big Wednesday with Matthew and Lizi

Wow what a night. We had our 1st “Big Wednesday” event here @ west campus.

We saw a lot of students here last night and over 100 of them gave their life to Christ. We also had the chance to watch one of the coolest baptism’s I have ever been a part of. We baptized 15 students last night and 100’s of students gathered around shouting and celebrating these baptism’s. WOW what a great night!!!

Matthew and Lizi lead worship

Matthew Bailey. Matthew and his wife just put out a new cd

You can check him out @

This is a band you need to check out.. They are on their way up. Go and buy their CD!!!!!

The staff worked very hard and the students reached out and made a great impact. Without the students and volunteers this night would have been nothing. I’m so proud of 210 student ministries.

I would say the greatest thing that happened last night is that teenagers feel in love with their student ministry again. I will try to upload a video soon from the night along with some pictures!!!!

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