Thursday, November 8, 2007

Follow Up!!!

The key to a big event in student ministry, I believe, is how you follow up after the event. That is when the true work starts. The event is great and everyone loves going strong until the event is over and we kind of rest.

Well, I believe, that once the event is over the work starts. Follow up is the key to ministry. You must be ready to contact visitors, decisions and prospects.

As I was walking out of the office around 6 tonight Jeremiah Ramer – HS Pastor, Tyler Hennessee – HS Worship Leader and Bret Davis – HS Intern were doing this very thing. So many conversations were students who go to church no where and they loved 210 student ministries.

How would we know that if we did not call. It is great to have a staff that works hard and follows up on those that come to our church.

If you are wondering here is what we do for follow up.

Letter from Brian Mills – Youth Pastor
Letter from age graded Pastor – Michael Head – J High and Jeremiah Ramer – HS
Phone call from age grade staff
Contact through facebook and myspace
If they are interested we then give their name to a small group leader for the small group leader to follow up.

We have over 150 phone calls to make by Sunday but it is all worth it. Nothing is more exciting than calling a visitor who made a decision to follow Christ and you realize one of your core students invited them!!!

I’m so excited that the students of Second Baptist Church and 210 students’ ministries are pumped about reaching their friends for Christ!!!

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