Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving ended with a crash

What a trip we have had. We had a great time w/ family over the past few days. We left and drove 9 hours to Springdale Arkansas and spent a couple of days there with Jennifer’s family then headed to Little Rock to spend some time w/ her grandparents. It was then time to head to Hot Springs to spend some time with my family.

We love our kids being around the family. We don’t mind driving a lot when we can spend time with our family.

Parker had a chance to ride the 4 wheeler….

While McKenna rode her bike…

Then as we headed home we made it to our last toll on Belt Way 8 and BAMMMM!!!!!!!!!! A guy run’s into the back of our van. Check out these pict’s.

A Big thanks to Jeremiah, our HS Pastor, for coming out and pick up my wife and kids so I could drive the van home. What an end to a great week with Family.

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