Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mavericks at Work Part 1

I am reading the book Mavericks @ work. I thought I would give you a few phrases from the book as I read.

page 9 “Each of the maverick companies you’ll meet in the next 2 chapters exudes an undeniable sense of purpose. But it’s a sense of purpose that provokes’ each company’s strategy tends to be as edgy as it is enduring, as disruptive as it is distinctive, as timely as it is timeless.”

Page 9 “Call it strategy as advocacy: Who can redefine the terms of competition by challenging the norms and accepted practices of their business before disgruntled customers or reform-minded regulators do it from them? Who has the most persuasive and original blueprint for where their business can and should be going – not just in terms of economics but also in terms of expectations? Who can unleash a set of ideas that shapes the future of their industry and reshapes the sense of what’s possible for customers, employees and investors?

Page 12 “From the minute you think of working here to the minute you leave, what makes this experience unique?

Page 13 “Purpose is about the difference you’re trying to make-in the marketplace, in the world. If everybody is selling the same thing, what ‘s the tie-breaker? It’s purpose.”

Page 15 – “If you want to renew and re-energize an industry, don’t hire people from that industry. You’ve got to untrain them and then retrain them.”

Page 34 “My view is that the only new companies that end up succeeding are those founded on ideas that were considered pretty crazy at the time they were started.” “So if you’re going to start a company, you better have an idea so radical that most people think it is crazy”

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