Tuesday, December 4, 2007


What a night. As I got home we loaded up the kids and headed to Olive Garden to have dinner w/ Jeremiah and Tessa. On our way we made a fast stop and when we did so I set my IPHONE yes the IPHONE on the trunk of my car.

I then forgot about it… YES FORGOT!!!! We head down HWY 99 the to I10 to HWY 6 and YES THE IPHONE IS STILL ON MY TRUNK. NO NOT INSIDE THE TRUNK ON THE OUTSIDE.

We arrive at Olive Garden thinking we left my phone at home and as I get McKenna out of my car I hear my text message go off. Jen and I look around and there it is still on the trunk of my car.

The IPHONE made it… WOW what a ride for the IPHONE!!!!

Anyway thought some of you might like that unbelievable story but all of it is very true!!!

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Michael said...

Cracking my stuff up!!!