Saturday, December 8, 2007

Networking Tips

I believe network is a huge key to ministry. In today’s time it is so hard to get into schools and get involved into the students lives because of the rules.

I thought I would share a few techniques we use to pursue relationships and network. We learn new ways ever day. Remember you always need to be a learner.

1. Never be afraid to pick up the phone and call.
2. Do no agenda Lunches – Just get to know people no matter who they are. (coaches,
principals, business leaders, etc…)
3. Send a follow up note/e-mail from your time w/ them.
4. Be Aggressive but not annoying or pushy
5. When invited GO!! NEVER be “too busy”
6. Stop bye and say hello at random times
7. Never take up too much of their time.
8. Bless them!
9. I always use this saying, “You can’t score unless you shoot – GO FOR IT!!!”
10. Always Pray for God’s Favor

A good challenge would be this week get out and do something that pushes you - something different. Maybe that is networking or making that phone call to that "person" that you would never guess would have lunch with "you." Go for it!!!

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Michael said...

Brian Mills - You are that you are that "person." Lets do lunch...