Thursday, December 20, 2007

West Staff Christmas Party

Today was a great day. Sally, our campus pastor assistant, and Page, our facilities assistant, lead our Christmas party.

They created a scavenger hunt for us. Page sent us an e-mail w/ our teams and where to meet. We then arrived at that location to get together and go for a long drive. We went all over katy picking up “clues” that lead us to our destination.

We ate lunch together and laughed together. I might need to add that MY TEAM WON the game!!! Yes we WON!!!

Jennifer and I really enjoy being on staff at The staff at all campuses is amazing to be a part of. The west staff is a great staff to be with every single day. We really enjoy working w/ them to make a great impact in Katy Texas.

To even break it down more we love the staff God is putting in place in our student ministry. I believe this next year God is going to do something larger than us. HAB 1:5

Today was a blast and Sally and Page did a great job!!!

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