Thursday, January 10, 2008

Desperate to make a Difference?

I was inspired today by my campus pastor Keith Carmichael

Keith has a true passion for his family and he is an amazing dad. He wants to give his kids every way possible to make a difference in their friends lives.

Keith was telling a story today on how he has a home group of 5th grade boys that come to his house weekly. This group is simply made up of students that don’t go to our church.

He sent an e-mail to all the parents on his son’s football teams etc, the circles that his son runs in and parents he has had the opportunity to know, and invited them to bring their kids to his house. He simply wanted to make an impact in his son’s life and his friends.

I could tell more about this but I want to get to the point. The point is simply… do you have a desire to do ministry outside of the church? Are we working hard to make a difference outside of your circle of influence? Are we desperate for those at our kids gymnastics class, football games, basketball games or whatever your child is a part of?

I was inspired by this not as a pastor but as a Dad! He said in that meeting being a parent is not about being perfect, but about living life together… flaws and all!!!!

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