Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spend Time w/ God daily!!!!

When I work for Dr. Floyd and Alex Himaya I was strongly challenge in spending time w/ God daily. The way I do this is every day I go to and I cut and paste that date to a word doc (if I have already done this from years past I just open that word doc.)

I then journal on that word doc and date it. This way every year when I open it again to read those passages of scripture I can see where I was the year before.

This is a very special time for me and a challenge time. I want to challenge you, if you don’t spend time w/ God daily. Find a method that is fun and easy for you and start!!!

Note: why do I still have to go to the website? Well because I miss days like the rest of us and I’m still trying to get all the days done.

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