Monday, January 28, 2008

Tyler was Cheesed and Brett had a Good Word

Brett Davis (HS Intern) had a good word today…

Brett's good word - if have nothing to do in the evening time go to a school lunch that day because they always have something going on that night.

Get out of the office and learn what is going on and then when invited ATTEND!!!!

Tyler Hennessee, HS Worship Pastor, last week attend a school lunch where two girls got in a little Cat Fight. During the lunch some nachos were thrown and well Tyler was the one that got Hit.

He was cover in cheese at a HS Lunch. Very Funny!!! Not to him but to everyone else!!!


Anonymous said...

That's funny!
BTW, I put a link to your blog (and Jeremiah's and Michael's) on mine...and will email the parents I know at Second to tell them about the blogs you guys are writing!

And, Comedy Sportz are great events to connect with the kids. We have so much fun at those - Chase is part of the CS Team at Faith West...

Anonymous said...

the fact that tyler got cheesed out of everyone that could have possibly been hit is priceless.