Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Youth Staff Retreat - 2008

We just had a great time at a Youth Staff retreat with all of our campuses together. Eric Hystad is our global youth Pastor (which simply means he is over all the students’ ministries of second Houston). I love being a part of this great team!!!

We had the privilege of having Shawn Smith from FBC Springdale to lead a few sessions why were on the retreat.

This was a great time of learning and reflection and planning.

Here are some thoughts from the week.

1. What do you like best about being in Ministry?
2. Biggest Surprise you have faced in Ministry?
3. Difference b/w Churchanity and Christianity?
4. Do you think Ministry can be really detrimental to you spiritually?
5. What has been your biggest surprise at Second?
6. How good of a liar are you when it comes to heart issues? Right now in a very brief two line sentence how are you right now? Spiritual Condition?
7. What are you reading?

10 things you should build your ministry around

1. Personal Intimate Relationship w/ Christ
2. Own Personal Professional Growth
3. Invitation
4. Relationships
5. Opportunity
6. Community
7. Equip and empower others
8. Hard work and Discipline
9. Build Your Ministry around Synergy w/ Staff
10. Attitude
How to go from 0-60 in your ministry (How to keep Momentum)

1. The leaders mindset

Great leaders do 5 things well – Mike Shannahan
A. Prepare
B. Expect
C. Give Attention to Details
D. Follow through
E. Execute

2. Preparation
3. Collaboration
4. Intently

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