Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get started on Tomorrow's Leaders Today

We had a great time today doing some learning with Eric Hystad. Eric is our leader and is a man who knows student ministry and how to mentor young leaders. Maybe some of these can help you plug students into service. Remember God has called you to be a Leader so LEAD!!!

Here are some thoughts on the question: Why is student leadership important?
1. It is the measuring stick of our ministry
2. It gives you an evaluation stick. When you fell down you can always look back on the leaders in the ministry and the change lives that God has used you for.
3. It keeps you from going at it alone
4. It invalidates your own leadership.
5. Why you get paid!!! To develop tomorrow’s leaders today!!!

So if it is this important where do you start?
Right where you are right now!!! Don’t wait for all this key students/leaders, whatever that means, take the students the Lord has blessed you with and use them!!! Develop Leaders!

How do you start?
1. Really carefully
2. Open 2 all – Don’t have a select group. Students will get offended and it will hurt you.
3. Have a plan – develop jobs and then develop job descriptions for all leaders. Delegation
without definition will equal disaster.

How do you keep student leadership groups going?
1. Make it a priority – Don’t cancel meetings treat them like you would your adults
2. Keep it Spiritual
3. Personally invest in the group – Leaders invest in leaders!
4. Don’t build a holy huddle.

There is a lot more here and along the way I will try to post some example job descriptions. We are still improving on this daily in our ministry so do not be discouraged if you don’t have a group, just start today developing those leaders!!!

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tim said...

Hi Brian:
I came across your site during a google search on student leadership. Sounds like you had a great session on developing students into leaders. I would offer a resource I've created to continue to add value to your processes - it's a free ebook called Student Worker or Student Leader. You can download it at

Best wishes in your ministry to students and their families.