Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mavericks at Work

If you are not reading this book already it is a MUST READ!!! I have not been challenge to think out of the box by any blog or any person more than I have by reading this book. Here are some more quotes.

Pg 171 “Jones doesn’t preach to its customers about the virtues of its brand; it unleashes the energy and creativity of its customers to give the brand its virtues. Jones turns soda into a platform for social interaction.”

Pg 171 “that forced us to look at things differently: how could we create a connection with customers, let them play with the brand, let them take ownership of it? It’s hard for marketing people to let other people play with teh brand. For us, it’s our whole existence.”

Pg 173 “so if Nike brand is about competition and performance, and the Starbucks brand stands for a “third place” in American life, what is Jones soda about? It’s about self-expression, Bedbury says. That what’s happening on those labels. It’s kids being themselves, sharing with the world what they think is cool, whether it’s a picture of them or their dog, or a sunset, or a snowdrift. To me, this is like a petrie dish for the next generation of ideas about marketing.”

Pg 174 “It’s a peer to peer phenomenon that is truly unique.”

Pg 175 “… we change the rules…”

Pg 176 “The company with the smartest customers wins!”

Pg 177 “the most intelligent way to stand out with customers is to unearth the collective intelligence of customers.”

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Anonymous said...

Love the concept that Jones Soda puts photographs taken by everyday people on their products! Chase has considered submitting some of his photographs! This looks like a great book - need to put it on my "must read" list!