Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mavericks at Work

More Great Quotes…

Pg 181 “Marketers, almost as part of their job description, enjoy a unique license among traditional business functions to think big and challenge convention.” Their Charter is (Or at least should be) not just to position products in the marketplace but to position the company for the future – a future that other executives might not be able to see.”

LOVE THIS!!! Pg 182 “Who wants to enter a market that is already to crowded? But even in the most crowded markets, there’s room for an innovator with something original to offer and something authentic to say.”

Pg 182 “Every company aspires to develop brands that click with customers and stand for something special in the marketplace. But you can’t build something special with the same old ideas about designing products, delivering service, and crafting messages.”

Pg 183 “We have to keep doing more than our customers expect us to; we can’t worry about what other companies might do.”

Quote about Jones Soda. Pg 185 “if we believe that a brand has to have a set of convictions, then you have to be prepared to tick people off, he says. We don’t have to appeal to everyone. My attitude is, if you don’t like Jones, that’s cool. Don’t buy it, and have a nice day.”

Pg 187 “When it comes to creating brand value, dollars and cents thinking doesn’t always make sense.”

Pg 188 “One strategy for making an impression with customers, expecially when rivals insist on nickel and diming them, is to give away something that other companies charge for – or wouldn’t think of offering in the first place. The investment ca be small; the returns can be priceless. A little generosity can go a long way.”

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