Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Past 4 Months Top 12

The past 4 months I have grown as a leader so much. I love my job here and could write for days about it. Here are a few things on my mind from the past 4 months.

No Certain Order here are my top 12
  1. Spend Time with your family. – Ministry can always happen!! Get out and have fun w/ your wife, kids and build friendships!!!
  2. Excellence is the only option
  3. Details, Details, Details
  4. Keep Learning as a Leader
  5. You are only as good as your weakest link – you better develop your staff and volunteer team!!
  6. You can be a critic or a learner. I challenge in all you do be a learner not a critic
  7. Follow the process and you will get things quicker!!! Does not mean you cannot challenge the process but it does mean Rebelling against the process will get you NO WHERE!!!
  8. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  9. Be Diligent!!! I know very few staff's that are as diligent as my staff. We call back and e-mail back ASAP! Why? Because Excellence is the only Option!!!
  10. Get out of the office and build relationships
  11. Have FUN!!!!!!
  12. Be a TEAM player!!!

1 comment:

chad said...

great list...

#4 is so long term but well worth it.