Monday, February 11, 2008

Programming out a Service

We are always learning in how to make everything we do better. Here are some thoughts in programming.

I believe it is important that you create an environment that students/adults love coming!!! One of my favorite things to hear is I LOVE MY CHURCH.

Things to remember in programming – No certain order:
1. Have you ask God’s favor on the service?
2. What is the goal for the event? How do you define a win for the event?
3. Are you utilizing all the elements you have access to in pulling the event
4. Are you organized? Who is over what during the event?
5. Delegation without definition equals disaster – Be specific with Volunteers
6. Details, Details, Details
7. The Key to flow in a service is Transitions
8. Do you know the crowd you are leading the event for? Who are setting in the
9. Are you having an invitation? If so who is leading it, do they know how to
lead the invitation? Are you ready with cards and people to talk to the
10. Kill it before it dies – Leave students hanging
11. If you fail to plan you fail!!!!
12. If it is worth doing then it is worth doing right!!! Don’t take shortcuts

There are so many more but these are just a few that might get you thinking about your program!!!

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