Monday, February 4, 2008

Simple Steps in Getting started in a new ministry well!!!

I am asked this question quit often. What do you preach first? What do you change? Who should you have lunch with first? What are some of the first things you teach your volunteers? How do you develop a plan for the first 100 days? What should that plan look like?

I thought I would try to answer a couple of these questions. Just a reminder also, in me answering some of these questions does not make me the know it all it simply makes me a learner. I am in the same boat as all other Youth Pastor learning as I go and trying to become the best I can be in my field of work!!!

Starting a new ministry well, starts in the interview process. You must:
1. Make sure you and the pastor are on the same page?
2. Does your vision fit the vision of the church?
3. Have you spoke to parents, youth workers and the staff about some of the changes you
want to make? Are they on board or will it be a fight?
4. Be sure you’re called to do ministry at that church. No matter the size (small or large) be
sure it is for you!!!

Many call your first few months, up to your first year, your honey moon stage. Does that mean you come in and change everything and push people around? NO!!! Here are some quick points to remember in change.

1. Have you prayed and asked God about the change? I’m not just trying to be spiritual hear
but we should do what God calls us not just want WE want!!!
2. Have you communicated with your pastor a clear vision (written out)? Is he on board? If
your pastor is not on board then you should not change. Do I even have to say that?
3. Have you brought some adults and students into the mix and vision dropped with them to
gain their input? Always bring students and adult along with you.
4. Change brings momentum if done right. Some say wait until the end of your first year to
change. I disagree! Change soon and go with the vision God has given you, ALL UNDER
5. Are you changing something that is already branded? If the answer to that is yes, I would
make sure you want to change it. Don’t change a name just to change it, if the community
knows the name of the ministry why would you change it? Remember be sure it is a wise
change and not just a selfish change!!!

What do you preach first?
Your first few message series are going to set the stage for the future of your ministry. Preach vision and direction. Let the students learn your heart for your community and for them. Let your passion pour out in your messages.

Who should you have lunch with first?
My first few lunches are always with key youth workers and parents. I then move to Principals and coaches. Once I have had lunch with all youth workers, principals and coaches I then move to key business men and women in my community and learn from them. The key is always to have lunch with someone that will move you fwd in your ministry!!!

What are some things you teach volunteers?
Check this blog out again soon and we will give you some great resources for this topic.

There is a lot more that goes with this topic. Maybe these simply steps will get you thinking and you can come up with a lot more and start well!!!!

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