Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend HighLights

We had a great weekend.

  1. Went and watched Life without Limbs at our Woodway campus – Truly an amazing man and a great communicator. If you can book him to come and speak at your church I would do so. Very Very Good!!!
  2. Drew Worsham – spoke in our HS Ministry today. He is also very good and did a great job. We had a very large crowd and had a lot of fun.
  3. Mark Poe started a Parent of Teenager's class - We had a lot of parents who never come to our church attend today for that class. They then came and attended our High School Service. What a great hook.
  4. I lost at NCAA this weekend (Not really a highlight).
  5. Used a gift card for Taste of Texas (Wow! love that place!)
  6. Did some working out (wow I’m sore!!!)
  7. Had lunch today with Dusty and Kenzi Stainfield
  8. Had fun w/ my Family!!! - The most important thing i did!!!!

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