Thursday, March 27, 2008

How do you take a "Youth Group" and make it a "Youth Ministry"?

I received a facebook message, from Noah Escamilla, that asked me this question the other day. What a great question. So many times you see Youth Groups who are having fun, playing games, doing events but when it comes time to get them to show up to a Sunday AM Bible Study, Home Group during the week or a Mid Week Service no one shows. They love having fun but not inpacting God's kingdom!!!

This made me think what are some simple steps to taking your ministry from a Youth Group to a Ministry. There are so many steps you can take but here are a few thoughts.

1. Your walk with the Lord – Are you spending time w/ God daily!!!

2. Your Work Ethic – Are you coming in at 10am and leaving at 1pm and have not spent any time at a school lunch, did not show up to any student activity that they are doing or anything. You simply expect if you show up at your church so will they. Bad news for you this is not going to happen!!!!

3. Do you have a Vision – This is a long topic and deserves more than just a quick point, but where there is no vision people perish. What vision are you giving to the students so they can buy into it? If there is nothing on the shelves at wal-mart why would you go? In the same if there is no vision at church and no purpose in your student ministry why should the students go?

4. Are your meeting times purposeful – Here is an order we did last night
JHIGH ORDER - Welcome // Game (Deal or No Deal) // Video // 4 Testimonies // 2 Songs // 4 Testimonies // Invitation // Announcements // Go Home
HS ORDER – Song // Welcome/Announcements // Video // 4 Songs // Speaking // Invitation // Upbeat Song // Go Home

The Point is to be sure what you do is excellent. IS your program/service worth students risking bringing their friends too? If not change it and make it worth it!!! (by the way you can do this on little or no money)

5. Is your ministry built on Relationships – Do you have an effective small group structure with great adults who care for the students. Do you attend school lunches/events to show you care for the students

6. Lead your Leaders – If you need help with this podcast “The 12”

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