Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How to conduct a successful interview?

We have been doing several interviews here on stage and by video. I thought I would write down some thoughts on how to create a successful interview. TO learn more how to do this I would suggest watching fox news or sports center…

1. Be Relaxed with whoever is on stage

2. Pre Interview Prep. Go over all questions before you get on stage or through video.

3. Have a Vision – be sure they know exactly what you want to do in this interview.

4. Know the crowd – be sure the person you are interviewing knows the crowd in which they are speaking.

5. Make the person you are interviewing look good yet human.

6. Ask direct questions that create a response. In your pre interview prep time determine what questions would be good or what stories they have that should be told. This past Sunday we did not ask all three guys the same questions we crafted the question to fit each person.

7. Keep it flowing. Do not have dead space during the interview. You are the moderator… Keep it flowing (Dusty, one of our volunteers, did an amazing job at this Sunday!!!)

8. Have a wrap up plan. This past week I shared the gospel at the end of these guys message. We knew this was coming so we push the interview to end where it was easy for me to follow in the Gospel.

I’m sure there are so many more thoughts that honestly are a lot better, but maybe these will help you in doing interviews in a service.

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