Friday, March 7, 2008

This Month Top 12

Every time God teaches me a new element of Leadership I write it down in a word Doc on my desktop. Here Is my last Top 12

Here is 12 more things I have written down this past Month:

1. Don’t be afraid to Lead – Sometimes you want to ignore an incident simply because
you don’t want to face the conflict. Don’t be afraid to Lead!!!
2. People do have better ideas than you!!!
3. Know when to Follow (All Great leaders know this!!!)
4. Encourage your staff!!!
5. Reward when a reward is deserved
6. Have Fun as a Team -
7. You can truly never stop learning
(Not 1 day!!)
8. Be Confident – no arrogant though!!!
9. Be Humble – but Confident
10. Position equals Power but Influence equals Leadership – I want to be a leader not
a position.
11. Your attitude will determine your success!
12. Communicate your Culture to your company – If you are a youth pastor do the
students and volunteers in your ministry know the vision and can communicate it clearly?

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Dan Gould said...

Thanks for the comment! We probably met, but you weren't at Second Baptist then. Is Eric still there, or has he moved on? I may be way out of the loop.